The family members:

Efrat and Amos, from Beer Sheva, and their three children– Yotam (3rd grade), Hadas (1st) and Noam (Kindergarten)– along with their assistance dog Pluto– have been a part of Hagar’s community for the last three yeas.

Why Hagar?

We chose Hagar, because we wanted our kids to get to know Arabs and to breakdown the stereotypes and stigmas that we grew up with. Tolerance, being one of Hagar’s most important values, makes it welcoming to children with special needs. We really like the educational philosophy of Hagar, and our kids get a well rounded education including art and environmental studies.

What’s special about Hagar’s community?

There is a rich variety of community activities that are so well planned. Even Yotam and Noam, who suffer from a neuromuscular condition, can take part in the activities and enjoy them.

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