Suha Ibrahim

Suha serves as  the chairperson of the board. As the first pedagogical director of Hagar, Suha was responsible for developing the school's unique multi-cultural curriculum which is still used today. She has a B.A. in Arabic language and literature and an M.A. in Education Administration. She currently works for the Rashi Foundations as the Southern District Director of their programs for fostering education in the periphery. She is also the mother of three daughters who attend Hagar. 

Ali Abu Ajaj

Ali is the director of Kaseifa's community center. He holds an M.A. in business administration and B.A. in behavioral Science with a concentration in administration and economics. he is married to Dr. Lama, a child psychiatrist, and they have three children who all attend Hagar's schools.

Oren Wacht

Oren is a lecturer of Emergency Medicine and Health Systems Management at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He is also a volunteer paramedic with Magen David Adom in Beer Sheva and Rahat. He is always on call as an Advanced Life Support motorcycle rider, using a fully-equipped rescue motorcycle to rapidly respond to medical emergencies.

Ouda Abu Freha

Ouda is the owner of RAF Engineering, which specializes in road construction engineering and surveying. He is the father of five children, volunteers his time with the Scouts and other social organizations, and was chairman of the parents'


Oded Ovadiah

Oded has a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences and an M.A. in biology from the University of Tel Aviv. He recently completed over 20 years of service in the IDF Air Force. He is an expert in bird strike prevention in aviation. Two of his children have attended Hagar schools. He has been a board member since 2012 and serves as chairperson of the community committee.


Dr. Akiva Leibowitz

Akiva is a native of Beer Sheva and one of the founds of Hagar. When his four children came of age to attend school, he and his wife were not happy with the choices available and with several other families, founded a shared, equal Jewish and Arab school. He is an anesthesiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and won the Scientific Council Prize for Basic Science Research in 2012.

Founders of Hagar Association

Dr. Akiva Leibowitz

Adv. Anwar Al Hjooj

Professor Neve Gordon

Yifaat Hillel

Adv. Afnan Abu Taha

Marwan Aamer

Yosef Al Atowna