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הצגת ילדים בביהס ערבים יהודים

Shared Culture

The Thaqafat Initiative for Shared Culture

Shared experiences are the very glue of social cohesion, the infrastructure of democratic life.


Unfortunately, few opportunities exist for Jews and Arabs to share music, culture, and the arts.  Hagar is changing all that. Our Center for Shared Culture -- the Thaqafat initiative -- has launched a series of groundbreaking events designed to change how Arabs and Jews interact.


These include joint Moslem-Jewish religious celebrations, Hebrew Arabic poetry readings, a Hebrew Arabic coral group, and musical performances that are changing the face of Bedouin society. 


Together with municipalities, academia, and art institutions, Hagar is now building a region-wide cultural partnership of artists and creators.  Beyond the political and ideological battlegrounds that pit Israelis against each other, the Thaqafat Initiative is helping Jews and Arabs rediscover the shared cultural roots that bind them together. 

Concert in Beer Sheva (1).jpg
Beer Sheva concert.jpg
A discourse of poets.jpeg

The promotion of a common culture will allow a new space of opportunities for meeting and getting to know each other Jews and Arabs living in the Negev  And this will also lead to strengthening social and democratic resilience in the region. 

Thaqfat works to develop and make accessible common cultural content to the residents (concerts and performances, lectures, and celebration of joint holidays) and to help those involved in culture  (institutions, artists, and entrepreneurs) to connect together and create multicultural collaborations.

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