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תמונת ילדים בצופים

Scout troop Adam 

The first bilingual scout troop in Israel

Integrated Scouting – Youth Activities will Never be the Same

On the streets of an underserved, working-class community in Beer Sheva, a new paradigm is emerging for Jewish and Arab youth. 


Scout Troop Adam – Israel's first, bilingual, Arab Jewish Scout Troop, has grown exponentially, from 15 children in 2019 to 100 in 2023.  This unique collaboration between the Hagar Association and the Israel Scouts Movement is a natural outgrowth of our bilingual school, extending shared society beyond the school walls to young people across the city of Beer Sheva and surrounding communities. 


Youth movements are Israel's most impactful, informal educational frameworks, and the Scouts are Israel's largest youth movement.  Scout Troop Adam brings Jewish and Arab youth together to hike, camp, and build character and leadership skills. 


At regional and nationwide scouting events, the group proudly displays its colors in both Hebrew and Arabic, offering a new paradigm of how young people can work, play, and grow together. 

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  Scout troop Adam
Building a common good
for our children

Since 2006, the Hagar Association has been operating state and equal educational frameworks for Jews and Arabs in Be'er Sheva, and at the end of 2019, together with the scout movement, we established the 'Adam' tribe, which is called that as the symbol of the humanity we share as human beings.


 Adam troop serves as an incubator for the development of young and ethical leadership, which encourages a connection between Jews and Arabs while getting to know each other's heritage and culture, and is an innovative model in the world of informal education to lower the existing barriers in Israel

between Jewish and Arab youth. 


This project allows for the first time an alternative to the separation that has been going on for years In the youth movements in Israel between Jews and Arabs.

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